Stealing Lead – George Archer and John Scarrott

READING MERCURY – 8 February 1851.

George Archer and John Scarrott were committed for trial at the next Assizes, charged with stealing a quantity of lead, on the 11th of January last, at the parish of Wadley, the property of Mr Edward James. The accused parties were members of the wandering tribe of gypsies located in this neighbourhood, and the property stolen was the result of a predatory excursion. The precaution was adopted by them of burying the lead in a field in the parish of Fyfield, where it was discovered by the shepherd of Mr Stone and Mr Kimber, and watch was kept on the hiding place for a fortnight before the prisoners made their appearance, when one afternoon they came with two sacks to remove the stolen property, and were given chase to and taken into custody by the indefatigable watchers.

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